As your insurance broker we are committed to making sure the claim process with the insurer is seamless and efficient. We will assist you to lodge your claim, navigate the insurers claim processes and obtain payment as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

We’ve written an article to help you understand the claims process, how long it can take, and ways you can help to expedite the process.

Insurers understand that claims happen and do not automatically penalise you by increasing your premium in the event of a claim.

When offering renewal terms insurers consider various risk factors on the policy, including the claims history. An insurer may seek to increase the policy premium or section excess if there have been claims made on the policy, however this is dependent on the number of claims and / or the total cost of the claim(s).

We review your renewal terms each year to ensure a competitive premium and quality product and so any unwarranted increase in premium or excess is always addressed.

If you’re claiming on business property including motor vehicle (and are GST registered) settlement cheques for repair or replacement costs is GST exclusive.