Homa and Motor InsuranceHome and Motor insurance is without doubt the most competitive area of insurance. It is now sold by not only insurance companies but banks, supermarkets and even the post office has an offer! Most of these organisations have a very simple strategy promoting that they can save you more money than everyone else. The problem with this strategy is that in order to save you money up-front, most of them utilise off-shore call centres to administer claims, as well as large scale repair centres that look more like factories to drive down claims costs. This won’t be apparent when you purchase your policy, only when you need to make a claim which is actually the time you most need support.

Why not get an expert on your side who can not only offer you a highly competitive premium, but also support you during the claims process to keep your stress levels to a minimum and make sure that your property is repaired properly?

We utilise a range of home and motor products from different insurers that are exclusive to our broking network. The premiums are – in most cases – competitive or better than the direct market, but with Professional Essentials you will also peace of mind knowing that you have a local expert who will go into bat for you if the claims process becomes difficult or any complications arise.

All home and motor insurance products that we will offer you must meet the strict requirements of our broking group (Steadfast), before we will include them in the panel of quotes we provide to our clients. All of these insurance policies have been re-written to remove the grey areas and ensure that claims can be paid seamlessly and easily. Different levels of cover are available, as well as excess options allowing you to choose the level of risk you want to take.

We can cater for rental properties, holiday homes and unique motor vehicles, as well as giving you the option to pay your premium monthly.

Make your life easier and get our brokers to do a full, no-obligation review your of your home and motor insurance policies. Contact our friendly team today.

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