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Travel Insurance

Convenient and cost effective annual travel insurance for regular travellers.

Professional Essentials has arranged an exclusive ‘medical practitioner only – annual travel policy’ that covers you for up to 5 personal or business trips anywhere in the world, in any one year for one low premium.

Annual insurance policies can save you time and money, and avoid the instance of having to arrange cover every time you take a trip.

Professional Essentials can advise and take care of your travel insurance details but it pays to be aware of the traps. Its important to be sure when arranging the cover that you are aware of the policy conditions, exclusions and limits so that you get the right policy for your needs.


  • Does the policy you hold provide cover for your intended destination?
  • Are all activities you plan to be involved in covered by the policy (e.g. snow skiing)?
  • Is cover provided for all pre-existing medical conditions?
  • Are  you covered for costs for evacuation due to political unrest or a medical emergency?
  • Are the policy limits adequate for the planned trip?
  • Is business travel covered by the policy?

Many credit card providers offer travel insurance as a benefit of holding their card, but it is important to be aware of any conditions and limits that apply in this instance. It is common practice for these covers to be applicable only when you have paid a specified sum for your planned travel via the credit card facility. Specific destinations, intended holiday activities and the extent of cover for pre-existing medical conditions, may also be restricted.

Terms and conditions will often vary from one provider to another, so it is good practice to check that your specific trip is covered and that you’ve read and understood all of the small print provisos to avoid being uninsured or underinsured.

Professional Essentials can eliminate the uncertainty and guesswork and help you get the cover you need. We’re at your service.